Natalie Dormer wears a chic red floral dress and plays contrasting high heels on the fashion show.

floral semi formal dresses

She knows how to shine on the red carpet.

Actress Natalie Dormer received a lot of attention at the ISPCC Brown Thomas fashion show in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

The star of the former story “Game of Thrones”, 36, brings some Hollywood glamour to fashion carnival, wearing a red flower dress with a thigh and a high opening.

Natalie stretched her statue-like frame on a vibrant patterned high heel as she set off a storm in the tree-lined grounds.

Reading the native language allows her ultra-stylish ensemble to complete all the leg work, because she abandoned any dazzling accessories instead of the delicate silver ring.

Natalie designed her shiny blonde in a fascinating wave, while smoky makeup highlights her enviable beauty.

Natalie’s fascinating appearance is that the sexy play she shot in her freely expressed “power game” is not “charming” but in fact after “very real” in the interview with the “Sun”.

Natalie told the publication: “Sex and romance are an important part of human motivation. As long as it tells the story, I will not find the problem.

“But I think power is so good. Violence is very natural.

“It’s not super stylized. It’s not charismatic. Sex is also very real and dirty. It’s about the primitive, inner qualities of human life.

In her HBO series of games, “The Game of Thrones,” Natalie draws the attention of the audience with her sexy scenes, bare sequences and stunning wardrobe options.

Fans increasingly like scheming characters who stubbornly break into the crown in order to control the kingdom.

However, when Cersei Lannister (Lena Headley) murdered her in the blast, her role played in her game.

Natalie played Margaery’s final scene in the sixth season of the epic adventure series, and she began to play other roles.

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