Katie Piper put on a green floral dress and put on fashionable clothes after she was severely voted on the day of the release of her acid attacker…

On Saturday night, after her jive didn’t impress the judges, she was chosen as Strictly Come Dancing.

But Katie Piper didn’t let her leave the show, or the release of her acid attacker affected her spirit because she returned to her daily work and recorded her podcast special show in London on Wednesday.

A 35-year-old television celebrity and philanthropist wore a green floral dress with a high thigh and recorded with actress Brooke Kinsella.

Katie wore a midi dress, a tonal frame and a colourful floral design.

The founder of the charity highlighted her huge stitches because of the side split of the dress, and increased her height with white leather tweezers.

Katie creates a gold-tone lock in a perfect blow-dry style, wearing a glamorous make-up, brown eyeshadow, blushing cheeks and pink lips.

Two moms appeared in her element because she talked to her 35-year-old Brooke about her podcast series.

Brooke cuts casual wear with chiffon cream and blue patterned tops and indigo jeans.

On Friday night, Katie left Strictly, the day after her 35th birthday – and the day when her acid attacker Stefan Sylvestre was released from prison, in many ways, it was a devastating blow.

In a pre-recorded show on Sunday, the TV presenter was cut off from the long-running BBC staple food after performing on stage with former EastEnders star Charles Venn.

As a result, Walsh and married partner Katya Jones (29) were shocked. They repeatedly called for the exit after taking pictures on the streets of London.

Katie’s axe took place after Stefan Silvestre was released, and Stefan Silvestre was in her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch. She left her after an acid attack scheduled in 2008 because she suffered a terrible life-changing burn.

The star seems to imply her dilemma on Instagram, when she said she was using “meditation to stay calm and center” and accompanied by the message: ‘Go every day, find the inner strength, so the world won’t take your The candle blows out. ”

In August, an upset Katie veteran, she had to reach an agreement with the fact that he was released.

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