By providing solutions for everyone, we are creating new norms. Our mission is to continually innovate on the past and progress our business for the future, from scientifically made shapewear that enhances your contours to underwear that stretches to double its size.

What Do We Do?

We have open discussions about what it means to be at ease and confidence in our own skin. We listen to our consumers and allow their suggestions to inform our decisions.

Because we believe in the power of choice, our online marketplace includes unique styles as well as selected selections from the world’s best shapewear for women and loungewear brands.

The option to wear shapewear if desired. And the option to wear the appropriate shapewear for you. With our 100 percent Confidence Guarantee, our enthusiastic team is dedicated to providing you with a stress-free purchasing experience.

We aim to help create a better world.

Shapellx is in the business of building trust. We want to see strong, powerful women embrace their curves and live their lives to the fullest.

Here are some advantages of layering your clothing with shapewear:

1. Quickly slim or smooth your frame –

Best Shapewear for women is unquestionably an immediate answer for those who have a flabby figure and are seeking to fit into outdated or often abandoned garments. It’s also a great accessory to have if you want to amp up the impact of your outfit. In a body shaper, you may appear more elegant, slimmer, and fit!

2. The untold secret of body sculpting —

The shapellx Premium Range is intended to give an “invisible seam” effect. These body shapers may be used beneath any type of clothing without drawing attention to their purpose. Try shapewear bras or body shapers for sarees and show off your ‘natural appearing’ curves with confidence!

3. Increases self-assurance–

Compression garments might help you not only seem slimmer but also increase your self-esteem. They’re great for covering up ‘temporary’ weak spots or bulges while you’re working hard in the gym to tone up those target areas. The additional praises that your ‘lean-looking’ form garners might go a long way toward motivating you to reach your fitness objectives!

4. Loss of inches due to Aids –

Wearing quality shaping items on a regular basis can help you shed up to 2-3 sizes!

Shapellx shapewear bodysuits garments, on the other hand, utilize natural body motions to micro-massage the skin and fat cells. When this movement is repeated over time, it increases microcirculation and the evacuation of superfluous material and fat. This type of external pressure also enhances lymphatic and venous circulation, allowing for more intense muscle training.

5. Improves posture–

Body shapewear before and after with medium to high control might help you improve your stance and posture when walking or sitting. This is especially beneficial for people who sit for long periods of time or slump while standing. You may surely regain your swag by teaching yourself to stand upright and in proper posture. Just make sure you’re wearing the proper size shapewear for the job.

6. Pain relief –

Women’s shapewear gives support that aids in pain relief, particularly in the lower back and lumbar areas.

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