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Full Body shapers have evolved throughout the years. Shapewear was known to contain whale bones, iron, and other metals in its early known years of usage. However, it was a girdle that was considered to be the first-ever used body shaper that has linen fabric and leather materials.

Nowadays, body shapers have become more modern to fit the needs of women. Most shapewear has cotton, nylon, LYCRA, spandex, and mesh materials to create skin-friendly and breathable products. Finding the best body shapers that were intelligently designed and manufactured using modern technology is always ideal for getting the best fit for your body.

Here at FeelinGirls, we have the latest trends and most modern shapewear to answer your everyday body-shaping needs.

1. Shaper Shorts with Tummy Control and Hip Pads for a Sexy Silhouette

Women love having big hips and booty with a slim waist. It’s no wonder why this pair of tummy control shaper shorts are trending.

Its outer fabric has 85% nylon and 15% spandex, and on the inner lining, it has 74% nylon and 26% spandex.

What does this mean? It means that since there are more nylon, the shapewear is lightweight, soft, smooth and quick-drying with excellent elasticity to ensure that the body shaper won’t become loose over a long period of usage.

2. Seamless High-Waist Shaping Shorts

Many women, including you, are probably fond of wearing skirts and dresses. However, it’s always problematic when it’s windy, and you have to protect yourself from accidentally flashing people.

Instead of getting regular cycling or protective shorts, it’s best to get Feelingirl’s seamless high-waist slimming shorts that aim to help you wear your favorite clothes while looking sexy with a flatter and slimmer tummy.

3. High-Waist Tummy Control with Straps for its Butt-Lifting Feature

Achieving a voluptuous body like Beyonce is a dream come true. The big booty, extra-cinched waist, and hourglass figure look gorgeous in almost any red carpet dress she wears.

It’s not surprising that a body shaper with tummy control and straps for butt-lifting is popular. When you wear high-waist shapewear with a butt-lifting feature from FeelinGirl Store, the straps that fall right below the butt push your bottoms upward and support the fats up, making your butt look rounder and firmer.

4. Double Belt Waist Trainer

The benefit of woman waist trainer is achieving a slimmer and more defined waist shape. Waist trainers have become trendy and a part of most women’s fitness routine because though exercises help cinch the waist, having extra help for visible results has become necessary.

This specific waist trainer is one of the best-selling products of FeelinGirls because of the steel bones that help form the shapewear’s body and reinforce its strength for better body-shaping.

5. Slimming Panties

Many women opt to go for a shapewear shorts  for everyday wear that has benefits like tummy control, skin-friendly fabric, and better fit.

It comes in versatile colors like black and nude to help you dress well in any event. The black shapewear panty is for you to wear underneath dark pants or slacks to prevent it from staining.

These body shapers are trending, and you won’t have to miss out if you get them now! They’re top-grade and manufactured with the latest technology and trends to be able to provide you the best body-shaping experience for your weight loss journey.

They’re not only beneficial to your physical body, but also to your mental health. Because of the confidence-boosting features of these incredible body shapers and waist trainers.

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