Five Combinations of Straw Hats

A classic, trendy and practical wardrobe staple, a straw hat is made of synthetic or natural straw materials that are tightly interwoven and brimmed for sun protection. Straw hats can come in a variety of designs and be worn by men and women alike. Straw hats have been worn since the Middle Ages in Asia and Europe, and have never stopped offering sun protection and style. They are very common because the straw material is very lightweight and the fact that the hats are woven means that there are small openings that allow even the hottest summers to ventilate and cool. A straw hat can be excellent at providing sun protection or very bad, depending on the tightness of the weave and the size of the holes which inevitably allow some sun rays to shine through. In general it is best to hold it up to the sun while shopping for a straw sun hat to see how much light will filter in. Usually even Sun safe straw hats are classified with a UPF factor (Ultraviolet Security Factor). We suggest sticking to hats with a factor UPF 50 for optimum safety.

Straw hats with a tighter weave will allow very limited sunlight to move and provide more sun protection. Usually speaking, the better and thicker the sun hat’s fabric, the more effort has been put into producing it and therefore the more costly it would usually be.

Straw hat with seashells

This Sensi Studio Straw Hat With Seashells is nice to combine with all white look or a white romper.

Straw hat with ribbon

Sensi Studio Straw Hat With Ribbon is another piece that you can style with an all white look.

GUCCI Straw hat

This Gucci Straw Hat is amazing to pair with full green outfit fashion looks.


Wide Brim Straw Hat from COS is best paired with simple loose dress for comfy looks.

Mauritius raw-edged straw hat

For  a simple style look this Mauritius raw edged straw hat looks amazing in simple tank tops.

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