Explore Different Styles and Designs of Women’s Bags

I don’t know a woman who leaves the house without her purse. You may even meet a friend like this, but it is definitely a rare event. Bags are important because we can carry basic and personal items combining style and fashion trends.

There are different types of bags. Some women prefer classic models, while others only buy branded pieces. There are those who prefer smaller bags and some who invest in bags that fit everything and more. No matter what your style, in this article we will explore different styles and designs of women’s bags.

1- Hobo bag

It is a casual bag, often used by women on informal occasions. It has a half-moon shape and usually has just one strap that can be made from the same material as the bag or chains.

2- Shoulder bag

It is the most used type among women. They are practical and adapt well to everyday situations. They can be round, rectangular, or square. They usually have two handles or a larger handle and a hand handle. They can be presented in different sizes.

Taller women can choose bags that end below the waist. If the need is the opposite, opt for models that end at or slightly above the waist.

Choose durable materials, as it is a bag that you can use more frequently. They come in many colors but prefer neutral ones as they are easier to combine with any type of clothing.

3- Envelope bag

They are beautiful and add sophistication to the feminine look. They may or may not have handles, they have a rectangular shape and a triangle flap, truly imitating the shape of an envelope. It’s a great option to wear at work, but it can also be adapted to informal events, as it goes very well with dresses, skirts and jeans.

4- Clutch

You need to have at least one bag for special occasions like parties, weddings and graduations. The Clutch is a small handbag that adapts very well to this type of event. They can be minimalist and symmetrical to create a cleaner look. Or they can be luxurious, with stones and hardware that deliver glamor and refinement, making them perfect for a social dress code.

5- Crossbody bag

They are perfect for occasions when you need to store your accessories comfortably. They are practical and fit very close to the body, giving you movement. You can use it to go to the market, in the park with the children and on other occasions when you need to move freely.

6-Money belt

These are interesting bags to create laid-back and casual looks. They can be made of nylon or synthetic fabric and are attached to a belt or buckle that adapts to the waist. But you can find more sophisticated versions in leather and with more symmetrical features.

7- Purse

It is also a practical and carry-on bag. The main difference between it and the Clutch is that it follows a more informal style and can be used at dinners or nightclubs. Usually has a loop to fit the hand.

8- Satchel bag

They are very elegant bags that allow you to go to work and carry all your essential items as they generally have a good storage size. They can have a rectangular or square shape and are generally made of leather, suede or varnish. They may have longer straps to be carried across the body or smaller straps to be fitted to the forearm.

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