Best High Waist Jeans Go With Every Top in Your Wardrobe

High-waisted jeans are very popular among women all over the world and for good reason, because they flatter any type of silhouette. Probably this is one of the reasons they are such a big trend and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon!

It doesn’t matter if you are tall, petite or curvy, because these jeans will make you look taller and slimmer. And they work well with anything from your wardrobe: tops, blouses, jumpers and every type of jacket.

They also come in various colours such as black denim, washed out denim, light denim, white denim and even in pink, green or grey. Also, there are so many models from where to pick that it’s almost impossible to not find a pair that will fit you perfectly!

How to shop for the best high-waisted jeans?

It is very important to know your body type and take into consideration your height when shopping for the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans.

If you are not very tall, it’s best to choose a pair with straight legs or a pair of flared jeans, this way you will look taller. If you are a bit on the curvy side, you should look for straight jeans or mom jeans to make you look slimmer. If you are tall girl, then you are extremely lucky because you can wear any type of high-waisted jeans and you will look amazing!

3 types of high-waisted jeans that go well with every top or blouse

The mom jeans

Mom jeans are such a big trend right now! They are very comfortable and look great with both T-shirts and fancy blouses. You can also wear them with high heels or with a pair of sneakers. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this type of high-waisted jeans!

The flared jeans

The flared jeans were very popular in the 70s and are a big trend this year too. Usually they are styled in boho chic outfits, but these jeans can look absolutely amazing in elegant outfits too. For example, you can chose a pair of white flared jeans and wear them with a white shirt and a white blazer and you will have a very put together look!

The skinny jeans with a high waist

Skinny jeans are very popular among women. However, they are a little bit tricky if you are curvier or have wide hips. In these cases you have to chose them carefully, preferably in a solid colour without any washouts. You can style these jeans however you want and you can find them in so many models and colours!

High-waisted jeans are a life changer and a great addition to your wardrobe. With the perfect pair you can go from a day outfit to a night outfit with only some minor changes in accessories. It’s impossible not to love these type of jeans!

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