5 Dainty Necklaces for Women Gold & Silver

Dainty necklaces are trendy this season because of their simplistic designs and their feminine and timeless look. The colors gold and silver are versatile, classic, and always fashionable, so don`t hesitate to invest your hard-earned money with these necklaces:

1. Sterling Silver Gold-Plated V-Shaped Necklace

This minimalist gold-plated necklace has small spike-like pendants on the first layer and a “V” design on the second chain is especially great for people with round faces. Two-layered necklaces are trendy because of their dainty and stylish look.

2. A Princess’ Dog Tag with Sparkles

Have you ever seen a cute dog tag? When you think of dog tags, you probably think of military ones. An edgy and feminine version of this is from The Jeweller Shop. It has a cute purple heart with a sparkling effect.

It`s a beautiful accessory that you can wear casually or with a street-style outfit. It`s uncommon, hip, and fun!

3.  Stainless Steel Heart Necklace

A stainless steel necklace is always an excellent investment, especially for those who are always sweaty or in hot climates. In addition, stainless steel necklaces tend to last longer and are easy to maintain.

This necklace has a sweet-looking heart pendant that`s simple, feminine, and easy on the eyes. You can wear it with any dress you want since a heart is a versatile design for most necklaces.

4. Moon and Star Necklace

A moon and star necklace is something a boyfriend would usually give their significant others, which often translates to, “I`ll reach the moon and stars, just to be with you.”

Sounds cheesy? More like a romantic gesture! It`s even sweeter with a sterling silver necklace that has a blue diamonds star. It`ll look fantastic to those who have cool skin tones, especially with the added blue star.

5. Aquamarine Heart Necklace

Do you want something that somehow resembles the “heart of the ocean” from the Titanic movie? Jared`s Aquamarine Heart Necklace is a lot brighter and smaller than the actual one from the film. What`s great about this specific necklace is its shining jewel and sparkling design.

You can wear this during special events or days in a fancy dress. You can also wear it in the office with a blazer and pencil skirt if you want.

These five dainty necklaces are fairly priced with unique designs you can invest in for your daily outfits. When it comes to shopping online, you can indeed find only the best. These are my recommendations because of their versatility, design, and durability.

I would surely love to have every piece on this list! Not only can I use them for all my outfits, but I`ll also be able to keep them for a very long time!

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