Baby on the boat! Pregnant Carrie Bickmore shows off her bulging in a beautiful floral dress while enjoying her good time with her daughter Evie.


She will give birth to a third child in the next few weeks.

On Friday, 37-year-old project host Carrie Bickmore looked very enthusiastic while spending time with her three-year-old daughter, Evie.

The mother of two children wore a red floral dress, highlighting her flowering baby baboon as she sunbathed near her home in Melbourne.

As the couple walked on the tree-lined suburban street, Carrie saw a protective arm around her daughter.

Despite the serious pregnancy, the 10 channel star looks happy and shows no signs of discomfort.

To go out, she paired her beautiful dress with oversized sunglasses, a wedge and a black tote.

At the same time, Carrie’s daughter Evie looks cute, wearing a pink tutu and white sneakers.

After Carrie completed the project on Thursday, a witness incident occurred.

In an Instagram post commemorating her maternity leave, she pays tribute to her team members Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Rachel Corbett.

“I was on the table last night. Maternity leave is a very strange period,” she began. “I always feel very sad when I leave work.

“I like and work with the family, I really like to spend time, but on the other hand, I am very excited, (a little scared!) Going to another little guy and spending precious time with my beautiful family.”

“I am looking forward to freeing my head from the news cycle and turning it into a stinky diaper. She concluded that I will see you again next year.

At the end of the show, Carrie’s co-host presented her with a parting gift – Peter, Rachel and Walid’s photo frames were all dressed up as babies.

When she attended the honorary BAFTA reception, Felicity Jones wore a red floral dress to exude a vintage chic

floral printed dress

On Thursday, Felicity Jones attended the Los Angeles British Film and Television Arts Academy Los Angeles reception at the British Consul Generals Residence to showcase her vintage style in a classic red floral midi dress.

The 35-year-old British actress wore a beautiful white flower pattern with brown lace-up high heels, which seemed effortless in her presentation.

Felicity received a lot of praise at the British Independent Film Awards ceremony because she received a lot of praise on the basis of “sexual love” as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Felicity showed her all-trimmed figure on a red body with hem and matching pearl buttons, which were highlighted by a white floral print.

The “All Theory” star completed her simple dress in brown lace-up high heels and her light black hair in the light.

Also coming out to support her is Felicity’s husband, the Charles Guard, who married in June this year.

It has also recently been confirmed that Felicity will receive the Variety Award for the Independent Film Award in the UK in recognition of its “international focus” in the UK.

Speaking of this recognition, Felicity said with enthusiasm: “It is a great honour to receive this award, and in the process, join such an outstanding and inspiring filmmaker and actor group.

She said: “It is a great privilege to support the British film industry on the global stage. I am very proud and lucky.”

Variety’s vice president and executive editor Steven Gaydos couldn’t resist the lingering of Felicity and said: “When actress Felicity Jones first appeared on your radar, you probably know she is destined to be great, but you may not Knowing that she will influence, it is powerful on screens of various sizes of various projects.

The “Gender Foundation” will be released in the United States on December 25th and will be broadcast on the UK screen on February 8.

The remaining BIFA 2018 nominations will be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday, December 2, and mark the 21st anniversary of the award.

RTE star Kathryn Thomas wears a sheer floral dress fan


Catherine Thomas is one of the busiest hosts in Ireland.

In hosting RTE’s favorite, such as Ireland’s best for family and operational transformation, raising her daughter Ellie and planning to marry her fiance Padraig McLoughlin, Catherine is always on the go.

But no matter how busy Catherine is, or what she is doing, my mother always looks very fashionable.

Last night she came out with a gorgeous flower number and her fans liked it.

On the opening night of Vaults Live, the RTE host was shocked by the black dress.

High collar, transparent sleeves and bright floral prints Kathryn looks glamorous – her fans agreed.

One person wrote on Instagram: “Women’s wear! Your eyes are in this photo!”

“Catherine xx, which looks very hot,” added.

Kelly Washington wears a late-night floral dress with Seth Meyers


Earlier this year, her hit TV show went through seven roller coaster seasons.

But Kerry Washington has been busy and on Monday with her busy schedule plus late night with Seth Meyers.

The 41-year-old actress wore a strapless flower skirt and was stunned when she passed the 44-year-old master.

This long purple dress has fallen on the ugly star’s ankle, and she added a few inches of magenta heels.

Her black hair bun wears pretty curls and falls on her back with a pair of small round earrings.

She drew a beautiful pink, a blush of blush to bring out the amazing bones.

Last week, Kerry boarded the red carpet on the opening night of her new Broadway play “American Son.”

This new drama solves the more controversial issues of modern American race and law enforcement issues than ever before.

It also listed Shonda Rhimes and Jada Pinkett Smith as producers.

Directed by Tony Award winner Kenny Leone and written by Broadway Premiere Christopher Demos-Brown, this four-player drama is also the American crime story of Steven Pasquale, the superwoman Jeremy Jordan and the ocean. Eugene Lee of the gem.

“For me, this is definitely one of the most challenging projects I have ever taken as an actor,” she said in “Today” in October.

“This is very special for me. It is a very beautiful drama about parenting, about love and identity and race.

The Emmy winner has received strong support from some of her famous friends who have been seeing the show in the preview.

Busy Phillipps, Zoe Kravitz, and even her former scandal actor George Newbern also cheered for the star.

The American son officially opened on October 30 and is expected to operate for 16 weeks.

City Hall Wedding and Pizza Party in San Francisco

We all know that Valentine’s first date is usually a bad idea, but fortunately, Nina Kim and Kenny D’Amica are not worried about this. The two met on OKCupid in the week after Valentine’s Day in February 2014, avoiding a first date of forced romance, but talking non-stop in the bar area of ​​a restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco. Unbelievable city view.

The SF couple suddenly raised questions when they moved from the Bay Area to Portland in December 2016. The couple dated for two years. “We and our dog were on the Oregon coast and stopped to watch the tidal pool and the lighthouse at Yaquina Head,” Nina said. “Kenny suggested going down the stairs to the beach!” The couple didn’t want to plan a wedding to take over their lives, so they chose to participate for a long time – nearly 17 months! – This way they can balance, work, personal life and plan without any additional pressure. “This allows us to really research and plan and provide us with major supplier bookings one year before the wedding,” Nina explained.

Although the couple thought it was a big wedding at a grand reception, a smaller event won the victory. On May 18, 2018, they invited 50 guests to celebrate with them. First, they went to San Francisco’s landmark ceremony, ending in the history of the City Hall, and then held an outdoor reception at the Stapafé Cafe, a Neapolitan-style restaurant that skipped traditional wedding food and switched to pizza. “We hope that our ceremony is short and sweet, and our reception is a peculiar pizza party,” Nina revealed. So how does the couple combine everyone’s favorite Friday dinner with the temptation of the wedding? Take a look at the photos taken by Hannah Costello!

Nina’s Rime Arodaky wedding dress with silk tulle and crepe, embellished embroidered flowers at the neckline and waist. “I used to shop with my sister, my mother, and even my brother, and tried a lot of clothes without finding what I wanted,” Nina said. “When I went alone, I finally found what I wanted!” The bride likes a low waist and a comfortable silhouette. She wears a pair of custom Bryr clogs underneath her dress for added comfort.

The couple did not attend the wedding, but let their brothers and sisters stand next to the ceremony. “My sister is a bridesmaid, my brother is my brother, and Kenny’s sister is his best woman, and his brother is his best man,” Nina explained. Her sister wore a mustard yellow off-the-shoulder Jenny Yoo dress, while Kenny wore Anthropologie’s floral dress.

All three women have whimsical bouquets, including buttercups, hawthorns, and peaches, dusty pink and white poppies.

Nina’s grandmother was a flower girl, and was escorted to the aisle by the couple’s friend Alex, who served as a ring. Alex’s fiancee Kate presided over the ceremony. “We want to write our own vows, but I can hardly pass the traditional vows,” Nina said. “We tried it a few times at home and it became hard to understand every time!”

While waiting for the reception to start, guests enjoyed a drink at the couple’s favorite date night, Mission Bowling. At the same time, Kenny and Nina are accepting traditional Korean clothing. “When we visited my family there, we made our clothes in Seoul, and we have been changing. We recalled this trip and dreamed when we would go back,” Nina said.

The courtyard of the StableCafé Café is the perfect place for the couple to meet outside, and the on-site cheese school means that every pizza is delicious!

Wear a brave face! The extra TV presenter Renee Bargh had an annoying flu shortly before taking part in the People’s Choice Awards… but she looked uncomfortable because she was wearing a fancy flower skirt


She is often praised for her refined style and sensational figure.

Although she had already felt the flu before the much-anticipated People’s Choice Award on Sunday, Renee Bagh walked out of perfection.

The 32-year-old woman wears a figure-dressed flower dress that flaunts her thin limbs and feminine figure on elegant numbers.

At the moment before the incident, Renee found herself bedridden and infected with a serious case of influenza.

‘take all advice on how to fight this flu.. I have never been sick! Store the broth… beat me with all your potions! She wrote a video of her own on the bed and posted it on her Instagram story.

“This girl has to work today,” the host added, asking followers to get better tips before hitting the red carpet.

Later, Renee appeared to have received IV fluid therapy from I.V. A quick recovery file before completing hair and makeup.

She put herself at her best feet with a brave face on her face and recorded this fascinating event in her Instagram story.

Looks gorgeous, Renee and Victoria Beckham, comedian Jimmy Fallon and actor Luke Baines together constitute a storm.

Despite getting sick, Renee is wearing an embroidered dress and a pair of dark black pumps with a squat.

Keeping the accessories to a minimum, the blonde chose pearl earrings and a series of delicate silver rings.

She designed her linen lock with loose waves and chose to reveal her makeup, including bronze eyeshadow, clear eyebrows and a drop of coral lipstick.

The best spring racing car looks at Oak Tree Day in 2018

The glitz and glamour of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival continues the bold colors and declared headpieces for the bright Oak Day celebrations at Flemington Racecourse on Thursday.

Although the Melbourne Cup launched more traditional racing apparel on Tuesday, the fashion world is more vibrant, and the Australian Jockey Club Michel Paine and the model Megan Gael are amazing. Michelle looks gorgeous, wearing a bright yellow and orange open-back dress with a pleated skirt, with simple nude heels and gold and orange headwear.

The 2015 Melbourne Cup champion minimizes jewellery and chooses gold bracelets and earrings to complete the look.

At the same time, the 43-year-old Megan wore a stunning orange, purple and black flower dress that gracefully landed under the knee. This Australian model wears simple black high heels and a dress on the waist to show her figure.

Megan chose a gold headband and a black tote with a gold handle for a colorful look. As for her makeup, the mother chose a light pink lips and a blush to highlight her cheeks.

Keeping the colourful theme, model and TV presenter Jennifer Hawkins wears the stunning Alex Perry floral dress. This tight-fitting long-sleeved dress is perfect for Miss Universe, and she smiles as she takes pictures at Flemington Racecourse.

The 34-year-old woman wears a soft gold-locked buckle and chooses to give up any bold headwear and choose a diamond-inlaid hair clip.

Tori Spelling, 45, wears a floral dress because she says “be your own beauty”… is ordered to pay unpaid credit card bills

 floral printed dress

Tori Spelling took the time on her Instagram account to share two beautiful photos this week.

Beverly Hills 91210 is wearing a cute floral print dress and her hair is perfect.

In her title, the mother of the 45-year-old five children said, “Be your own beauty.”

Her full headline reads: ‘Be the beauty of your own… yell at those who accidentally enter my life but are 100% lifelong souls. @laurarugetti You are inspiring and ambitious, you illuminate my life with humor, love, friendship, honesty and beauty. I am jealous of you.

Laura made her color, stretch and cut. Photo by Alexia Karanikolaou.

On Halloween, the star shared a photo of her in a T-shirt at the old Donna Martin Fan Club when she was at her children’s school.

This was after the siren was ordered to pay the credit card debt originally owned by Citibank.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Calvary SPV, a debt-buying company, obtained a default verdict against Spelling earlier this month. She now owes the company $5,043.32.

In terms of financial aspects, Spelling has been turbulent in recent years.

As The Blast reported for the first time, the California Chartered Tax Commission claimed that Spelling still owed them $3,000,595.78 in unpaid taxes for 2014-2015.

In addition, she and her husband Dean McDermott were fined $220,000 in a battle with the City Bank for a $400,000 loan in November 2017.

According to reports, the currency owed nearly $1 million in taxes last year. Sources told Radar that the US Internal Revenue Service cleared its bank account to pay off its debts.

Although the couple have had several lawsuits in the past few years, they still maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

It seems that Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling, sometimes saves them.

The legacy of the famous producer TV tycoon father Aaron Spelling, when he died in 2006, has left most of his $600 million in property.

In 2016, the 71-year-old Candy revealed that she was paying Tori and Dean a monthly rent of $9,500, tuition and grocery for children in private schools.

The couple has five children, Liam, 11 years old, Stella, 10 years old, Hattie, six years old, Finn, six years old, and 18-year-old son Beau.

From the red Tegan Martin’s lady to Olivia Rogers’s breathtaking floral figures: the best-dressed celebrity in the 2018 Melbourne Cup to lead the birdcage fashion bet

floral printed dress

While the Melbourne Cup punters are always keen to compete on the fashion track, the real tailoring battle takes place just a few meters from the fascinating bird cage.

On Tuesday, a series of celebrities, designers, girls, models and media people flocked to the best horse costumes, showing a series of trends that may have flowed into the store this spring.

From Rachael Finch to Elyse Knowles and Olivia Rogers, FEMAIL will see some of the most famous births of Birdcage in the 2018 Melbourne Cup.

The new star of the competition, the model and The Block champion Elyse Knowles, ensured that all eyes were on her when she swept Flemington on Tuesday morning.

In a trendy sun-knit top and pants, Elyse looks radiant, and she wears one of the biggest trends of the season – a huge hat.

She decorated her appearance with sandals and a loose clutch, and many people praised the star’s spring inspiration on Instagram.

She was also impressed by Rachael Finch, who wore an Elliatt red dress and a Lady of Leisure fasincator with loose hair and curly hair.

Miss Olivia Molly Rogers of Australia is wearing a Bronx and Banco floral dress, Viktoria Novak crown and statement earrings, and has drawn countless acclaim for her beautiful appearance.

At the same time, the racing royal family Kate Waterhouse wore a green floral Miu Miu costume and Nerida Winter’s cream bow, bringing a cute and academic look.

Elsewhere, Tegan Martin’s outfit is reminiscent of the dancer’s emoji, because Cooper St Clothing’s star in a red dress looks amazing, and Ford Millinery’s custom-made headwear.

Lauren Phillips is also impressed with the custom-made Forever New yellow dress.

Fashion designer and Balinese princess Lindy Klim plays the most popular spring racing trend of this season’s hottest racing stylist Donny Galella, bold colors.

“This season, we will see bold and vibrant tones such as red, purple, yellow/ mustard, orange, cobalt blue and many pastels, especially lavender and soft pink,” Donny said.

Dynasty actress Nat Kelly also chose the safe but tasteful dress of Alex Perry and Sophia Webster heels, wearing a glamorous dress from Jennifer Behr.

The Bachelorette star Georgia Love is dressed in bright orange trousers and captures countless trends, including oversized ribbons, trousers and vibrant colors.

At the same time, Anna Heinrich matched her bright colors with her By Johnny dress in a YSL clutch.

More than 100,000 people are expected to travel to Flemington on Tuesday, and they will enjoy countless glasses of champagne, fashion shows and friendly bets from noon.

At the same time, this excitement can be felt everywhere in the country, and many people in Sydney and elsewhere can start betting from 9am.

Christina Hendricks wears a chic grey print dress at the InStyle Badass dinner party

 floral printed dress

Christina Hendricks wears a grey glow at the InStyle Badass feast dinner in Los Angeles on Saturday, with a flowing floral dress.

There, the 43-year-old red-haired girl took a photo with the event’s host, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross.

The “Good Girl” actress also participated in a star-studded event with Rose and InStyle magazine editor Laura Brown.

Hendricks wore a full-length long-sleeved light grey floral print dress with light maroon heels.

The “Crazy Man” star erected her hair with a cute crown-knit hair and a few rings on her fingers.

In the evening, the host Ellis Ross wore a long dark gray dress with a creamy large ruffle on the shoulder.

Hendricks did not find her husband, actor Jeffrey Allende, who recently celebrated her ninth wedding anniversary earlier this month.

Other women attending the event were Ashlee Simpson Ross, Laverne Cox, Kiersey Clemons and Katherine Langford.

Badass Women is a series of articles being published by InStyle magazine, “Celebrate women who appear, speak and do their jobs.”

Hendricks began his career at the age of 18 when she signed a contract with a model agency and moved from her hometown of Fairfax, Virginia, to New York City.

In popular shows such as ER, Firefly, Life and Jack Offense, she appeared on some guest starring shows, and then she got the breakthrough role of Joan Holloway in AMC’s “Crazy Man”.

The actress was nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actress by six Emmys in the series during the entire performance from 2007 to 2015.

Recently, Hendricks played Elizabeth Bradshaw on the Tin Star in the Amazon series and played Beth Boland on the NBC girl.

She is also guest starring in the new episode of “Crazy Man” creator Matthew Weiner’s new episode “Amazon’s Romanov”.

On the big screen, she starred with American women Sienna Miller and Aaron Paul and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.